Return The Favor

The return the favor program is a state and national project that activates JCI Senators and gets our members out making a difference in our communities.  They help Junior Chamber chapter projects to succeed and make the Impact they should in the community.  Those are precious hours and we keep track of them for purposes of measuring impact and activity among our ranks.  


Given to a high school senior to help pay for college.  Applications are accepted until designated date in December and evaluated in January each year.  The winners are forwarded on to the US JCI Senate Scholarship program

Presidential Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes is a nation wide program that helps fund benefits and communications for our members.  It is and important program and second only to member dues for income to the senate organization nation wide.  Learn more on the US JCI Senate website HERE.


More to come…

This website is currently under construction.  We will have more of our programs listed here soon.

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