Frequently Asked Questions (a.k.a. JCI Jargon)

Here are some answers to some questions we get a lot about our organization.  Our officers are happy to speak with you about these questions, but we thought we’d get the ball rolling and head off some of the most common ones here. 

What is the JCI Senate?

The JCI Senate is a membership based group of current and former Junior Chamber International members that have been given an award known as a JCI Senatorship for their years of service and volunteerism thru JCI.  Members range in age and become more active in the Senate after they age out of JCI (the Jaycees) at the age of 41.  A JCI Senatorship is the highest award given to a Junior Chamber International member.

Why haven’t I heard of the JCI Senate?

We’re not the government so the word Senate can throw people off.  The Junior Chamber has many award designations from things you’re use to like Chairman, Vice President, President, Regional Director and so on.  Awards are given to those that go above and beyond the call and have names like Statesman, Governor, Ambassador and Senator.  These awards are given to current and past members of JCI which is a member based organization.

Who can be a JCI Senate member?

To start, Senate members are those that have received a JCI Senatorship.  After that, there is a membership fee which can be paid to the state organization and makes you a member.  An initial membership to the Senate (typically one year) is usually included as part of the senatorship award.  Lifetime memberships are a good way to save money over time as well.  Check with our state’s leadership team to learn more.

How do I become a JCI Senator?

JCI members need to be nominated for a Senatorship by their chapter, state or other members of the organization.  You can find the other requirements and a nomination form HERE.

I AM a JCI Senator.  Now What?

A JCI Senatorship is a big honor.  You’ve done great things.  You’ve led people.  You’ve been recognized.  Now you can explore the opportunities that experience affords you.  Check out our events and about pages and join the fun today.

What is RTF?

Short for Return The Favor, RTF is how the Senate gives back.  One thing that never fades in people that have achieved is the need to give back.  We help JCI chapters around the state of Iowa and beyond.  Many friendships have been made over years of volunteering together and becoming better leaders of our world today.  RTF is also an incentive based program that awards members, states, regions, and nations for their volunteer hours. Learn more about the RTF program HERE.