Summer Picnic and 50th Anniversary

Des Moines is hosting us for our annunal picnic and 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Don’t miss the fun on July 15 & 16.

Fellowship and Support

JCI Senators are a wide ranging group of former JCI members.
A social group with many years of experience gained through volunteering together.

Return the Favor

Volunteering is in our blood.  So is friendly competition.
See how your skills stack up against the rest.

Serve and Lead

We help JCI through mentorship  and volunteer support.

Welcome to the Iowa JCI Senate website

Please enjoy looking around our site.  We are adding things all the time.  There’s a list of programs we run here in Iowa and there are many opportunities for you to get involved and meet new people.

Travel, leadership, mentorship, volunteer training, or just a friendly game of Village Idiot, the list of opportunities is endless.  It’s amazing what a group of like minded individuals can accomplish.

If you’ve received a JCI Senatorship, then this is the place for you!  This ever evolving platform is a great way for you keep up with the Iowa JCI Senate is doing and how you can get involved.

Fellowship & Support

Our JCI Senate membership ranges from young to young at heart.  We have many events over the course of each year to have fun and relax as a reward for all the years of volunteering and hard work.

We have state, national and even international traveling opportunities for you to take advantage of.  You just need to participate.

All-State conventions, socials, reunions, picnics, national events, and more.  If you’re a JCI Senator, come join the fun today.

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Return the Favor

Our members met as Jaycees.  We serve the Junior Chamber movement as mentors, knowledge base, manpower, and much more.  

The Return The Favor program is a state wide and national initiative to get JCI Senators out helping work projects, train members, and work to keep the JCI organization the strong young persons group is was when were members.

What a great opportunity for you to get out and learn even more about the communities around you and help young members grow. 

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Serve and Lead

Organizations are always in need of help.  Everything from programming and communication to leadership and mentoring.  

In a room full of people that have given themselves to the same cause and proven award worthy for their efforts, just imagine what all those people can accomplish TOGETHER.

Your opportunities are endless.  Your ideas can make a real difference.  Learn what it means to lead something bigger.

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I'm a JCI Senator . . . Now What?

A JCI Senatorship is a big honor.  You’ve done great things.  You’ve led people.  You’ve been recognized.  Now you can explore the opportunities that experience affords you.  Join the fun today.

Return The Favor

Chapters are always in need of help.  Your experience can make a difference in young Jaycee members’ lives.  Put yourself out there to help, mentor, and train tomorrows leaders.  The Return The Favor program is a great place to start.

Extra Opportunities

Put your talent to use in the JCI Senate too!  The leadership structure of the Senate is a great way to put your experience to work.  Show the world the ways you can contribute to the future of volunteerism.